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French Audio Phrasebook

4.6 ( 3146 ratings )
Onderwijs Boeken
Developer: Mohammed Abo Alhasan

This app is an easy to use mobile phrasebook that contains basic French phrases for beginners. You can read the phrases and listen to them in a clear high quality voices. Touch a phrase and listen to a high quality voice reading it.

The phrases are categorized as follows:
1- Greeting

2- Farewell Expressions

3- Holidays and Wishes

4- Self introduction

5- Romance and Love Phrases

6- Solving a Misunderstanding

7- Asking for Directions

8- Survival Phrases

9- Hotel - Restaurant

10- Daily Expressions

11- Cuss Words (polite)

12- Short Expressions and words

13- Shopping Expressions

14- Numbers

15- Food

16- Week days

17- Family

18- Months

19- Colors